Project Description


As an ambassador, we created content for the modern, urban millennial

McDonald’s Canada enjoys incredible brand awareness across all demographics. Millennial appreciation and engagement, however, was proving to be trickier. Its product is renowned for its convenient delight. Yet in the past years, the premium spinoff brand McCafé’s social media campaigns demonstrated steps towards elevating the brand’s impression among the 18–45 crowd.

To reach out to savvy, professional Canadians with an appreciation for good food, convenience, and quality, McDonald’s Canada asked ROGUE STORIES to act as an ongoing brand ambassador.

A picture is worth a thousand memories.

The first step to re-introduction? A visual makeover. To parallel McDonald’s newfound digital savvy, ROGUE STORIES ensured each social media portrait was lovingly crafted, composited, and captioned for shareability. Products both old and new were styled using a mix of flat lays, fashion elements, and tech accessories.

Old favorites, new circumstances

Sponsored posts proved McDonald’s brand story as one millennials can see themselves in: dessert reimagined as a healthy pre-work sweet treat, or nuggets to brighten up a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Fry vibes for all

The love for McDonald’s fries may be universal, but how it is appreciated and acknowledged is unique to each of us. To underline this message, McDonald’s created a limited edition t-shirt collection for National French Fry Day. Giveaways and in-store promotions were arranged with chosen influencers, including ROGUE STORIES.