Project Description


To amplify the Honda title sponsorship of the Indy in Toronto, GUNNAROLLA was engaged to host a weekend of packed activities. As producer, ROGUE STORIES did creative storyboarding, production, execution, and account management of the program. Paid media was also employed, through YouTube and Facebook boosted content.

The Honda Indy is a hallmark event that sets the all of Toronto in a frenzy. With its 30th anniversary, Honda wanted to celebrate with the widest audience possible—from seasoned racing enthusiasts to young newcomers.

An all-access pass for the whole family

The Honda Indy goes beyond the adrenaline rush on the racetracks—including personalities to know, food and drink, and a rich history. To showcase the breadth of the Indy, Honda and Media Profile partnered with influencer Andrew Gunadie aka gunnarolla, to host a Honda-sponsored episode.

Buzzworthy build-up

Alongside producing the branded video, ROGUE STORIES created custom visuals for supporting social content, and utilized the then-new Facebook Live feature to maximize engagement. Gunadie is renowned for his quirky and inclusive take on travel content, and the editorial approach here was no different: bantering with Canadian driver James Hinchcliffe, barreling into the Junior Red Riders’ program, and experiencing the 290 km/hr speeds for himself.

Introducing the honda’s first influencer program

With 101K+ views on YouTube, 25K+ views on Facebook Live, and 42K views on the end Facebook video, the episode was a resounding success. Proving automotive lifestyle doesn’t al-ways have to be fuelled with its usual dose of testosterone, ROGUE STORIES set a precedent for Honda’s first influencer program and branded content piece.

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